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Traditional Tsampa Recipes

Tsampa's nutrition, convenience and versatility are the primary reasons why Tibetans have made it a part of their everyday meal for over a thousand years. Nomads and pilgrims to this day rely on Tsampa to sustain them for their long and arduous journeys across the Tibetan Plateau.

Tsampa can be prepared in sweet, savory or spicy dishes. It is wonderfully versatile and following are several favorite traditional recipes: A very popular hot Tsampa porridge called Cham-dur is loved by young and old alike - Cham-dur is traditionally eaten for breakfast or as a midday snack.

Tsamthuk (Tsampa soup) is another favorite comfort food that warms the body and soul on cold wintery nights. Like a stew, it is often made with meat and

One of the most traditional recipes is Pa, a pressed cake made of Tsampa, Tibetan tea, cheese, butter and sugar. Pa is commonly eaten throughout the day, much like an energy bar.

As you can see, Tsampa is a wonderfully versatile food - try out a recipe and let Tsampa take your taste buds on a journey to Tibet.