Mission Statement
Great Himalaya Foods is committed to preserving the rich cultural traditions of Tibet by sharing our beloved foods with the rest of the world. Our authentic Tibetan staple products are simple, nutritious and will always be made with compassion and a deep respect for nature.
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About Us

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Sacred mountains, fluttering prayer flags and deep spirituality these are some of the images of our beloved land, Tibet.

My sister and I were born in exile in India. Now we call Vancouver our home. Throughout our life we have heard stories of great Tibetan saints, children’s folk tales and Tibetan warriors of the past, and Tsampa was always woven into the fabric of these stories. Growing up in Canada we learned from our mother how to make Tsampa. Our mother was strongly opposed to processed food and always made wholesome and healthy meals for us. She considered it necessary for us to learn how to cook our native food and maintain our culture. And she always emphasized the need to keep our foods natural, pure and simple.

Tsampa, she used to say, is our foundational food and “very good for your health!” There was much wisdom in what she told us and she went to great lengths to prepare Tsampa in the traditional way. This process involved roasting barley in hot sand, which produces that unique flavour. It is then eaten with Tibetan tea and butter, or as porridge with dried fruit and nuts.

In 2011 we reconnected with Bev, an old friend. Bev wanted to start a business that is socially and environmentally responsible. She was intrigued when we told her about our idea to introduce a unique food product to Vancouver and at the same time help Tibetan refugees in India. Soon after a partnership was formed and Great Himalaya Foods was born

In April of 2013, we embarked on an exciting Pilot Project to grow Himalayan-style barley here in B.C. In collaboration with a local farmer, we have brought in our first harvest and look forward to replanting next spring. Stay tuned!



Compassion in Action
At the heart of our company is the wish to help Tibetan refugees in India. To this end, GHF donates a portion of its proceeds to non-profit charitable organizations that serve the needs of Tibetan refugee settlements. We are committed to providing nutritious food and medical treatment to the most vulnerable in these communities, in particular the elderly, women and children. GHF is a financial supporter of Ways to Care and has helped purchase medical insurance coverage for over 20 low-income Tibetan refugees. Ways To Care is a non-profit charity run by a young Buddhist monk at Sera Jey Monastery in South India.




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(photographs of Tibet and Himalayan regions)